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Want to lose weight? First take care of your meals!

Food Ration

“…Lets say the process of weight loosing is similar to construction process. On this construction site the workouts and muscles trained are constructors, and meals are bricks and cement. Your motivation is the constructorswages.
I think there is no need to explain what your result will be, if you hire non-qualified constructors and use materials of low quality. ;)

As a matter of fact the issue of weight loosing is more than a personal issue.
Causes of extra weight and obesity stages may be different.

The most important thing is to fight your own self and set definite goals! Plus you should decide for yourself that you HAVE to do the things you intend to do!

Simple advice:

Strategy 1.

Exclude free sugars from your ration, minimize salt consumption, dont eat bread (with certain exceptions for rye or branny breadIll talk on it later), exclude mayonnaise, ketchup and other seasonings (except for wasabi and mustard), potatoes, sour cream, alimentary products (ravioli and curd or fruit dumplings too), cheese spreads, coffee, alcohol, juices (they contain lots of sugar!), sweets.
Be moderate about the size of your meals... Youll see it when we talk about the size of portions. ))))

Mandatory: drink at least one liter of free fresh water and one table spoon of oil (virgin oil is better of course) every day.

First meal.
Option 1
Milk oatmeal + 50 g of cheese (hard) + tea (green tea preferably)
Option 2
Boiled egg + 50 g of cheese

Second meal.
Options: meat + porridge, meat + vegetables, fish + porridge, fish + vegetables.
Id recommend cooking porridge out of rice, buckwheat, barley.

Third meal.
This is first course (thick... almost like porridge)... Eat it chewing on it thoroughly. The problem here is that often we take the first course as fluid and swallow it almost without chewing.

The size of portions is very easy to identify. Put your palms together with fingers of each hand tightly pressed together and form a cup with your palms. This is the size of your portion both for the first and for the second courses.
Start with this amount and in a week or two you will understand that even this amount is too much. )

Fourth meal.
100 g of cottage cheese + a few (4-5) dates (or prunes, or dried apricots)

Fifth meal.
Before sleep: 200 ml of low-fat kefir.

The most important thing is to refuse from all tea drinking with sweets and snacks at work.

When you get hungry during the day eat some nuts and raisins.
(Make a cup with a one handthis is the size of your day portion for nuts and dried fruits for a day. Suck dried fruits and chew on nuts until they dissolve and go down the throat themselves.)

Thats it, in a nut shell.)))
But again you should remember that this is general guidelines and in order to create your own ration you should consult a specialist.

There are also strategies 2 and 3.
What is their purpose and objective? It has to be discussed individually...”

If you are ready to begin (start seriously and stick to the strategy), Ill help you with what I can. E-mail me.

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